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Fashion Dot a one-stop solution for fashion and apparel business. Buy advanced software and apps for garment or any textile production business at a very low-cost price. The pattern making software helps you to design fabric pattern smoothly and accurately on time. We also sell tailoring shop management, tailor made software and other tailor measurement app which helps you to maintain all your customer records and details easily. Get tailor measurement app at fashion dot which is user-friendly in service and makes work simple as a tailor master required.

Fashion Dot established fashion solution in Coimbatore provides various textile services that include tailor App/ Software supply, tailoring guide for startups and many other tailor measurement app for textile solutions. Fashion Dot is located in the heart of the Coimbatore from where it supplies tailor-made software like pattern making software, tailoring blouse cutting software, tailor shop management, tailor-made software, etc, which reduces your manual work of designing the clothes, applying correct measurement, maintaining the customer inputs. Make your job easy and simple by just buying our tailor app and tailor made software at a very low-cost price as a tailor master required.
Our fashion dot also provides tailoring guide for people who want to start garments or boutiques. We provide DVD which contains all the requirements for tailoring studies as a visual guide, you can learn conveniently at your own place.

Pattern Making Software:

Our pattern making software makes your job of pattern designing more flexible with the computerized 2D/3D digital patterning for any kind of fabrics. Our patterning app is available in all Indian Style forms with huge collections of sample patterns for salwar pattern making, blouse pattern making, kurta pattern making, and men shirts pattern making, etc. You can create your own personalized patterns in the 2D/ 3D CAD pattern makers and store your unique pieces for later use. Any complex design can be drafted flexibly by our tailor pattern maker in time.

Tailor Made Software:

Our Fashion Dot provides custom software and app for the tailoring business. We supply customized tailor made software for any garments of tailoring business who needs to develop their processing growth in the filed. We offer different tailor-made software like pattern making software for tailoring pattern, tailor shop management for managing tailoring business, laser cutting software for clothing cutting, etc.
Our Fashion Dot has tailor app for any tailor shop or garments to maintain their tailor record book containing customer details of measurements, contacts, etc or any sort of tailoring information as a huge warehouse for future use.

Tailoring Guide:

Become a professional tailor by studying our tailoring training guide DVD. It covers all the basic skills of tailoring like taking an accurate measurement, cloth cutting and sewing styles of clothes. Learn all the different Indian clothing stitching styles in three different languages such as Tamil, Hindi, and English. Our video contains a clear step by step tutorial procedure of the tailoring process. It gives clear instructions on cloth measurements and accurate cutting and fine stitching process.
Our Fashion Dot tailoring guide also includes video courses on using the advanced technology of tailoring like tailor-made software, tailor measurement app, pattern making software, etc with the clearance procedure. Cover all the volume of Fashion Dot tailoring training DVD to level up your professional skill set in the tailoring field.

Laser Fabric Cutting Machine:

to complete their huge orders in a short time. Our Laser cutting software can crop any kind of modern fabrics, spacer fabrics, fleece, glass fabric, etc with fine cutting edge technology. It provides an accurate clothing cutting process with thermoresistance feature. It avoids fabric distortions by using contactless processing.
One time investment in laser cutting machine can provide a huge profit in your business of tailoring and save all your time.

Tailor Measurement App:

The best tailor Measurement Software is the tailor master required a tool for any clothing business. Anyone can take perfect body measurement by using this virtual tailor app. Installing this tailor measurement app on your mobile can measure body fitness within 30 seconds than any professional tailor. It provides custom fittings for your clothes. It also helps to find the perfect fitting size of clothes for you.
The tailor measurement book allows any tailoring professional to record the customer’s measurements details or standard fitting size of any cloth. Allows you to extract the information easily at any time.

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