Himalayan Yoga Meditation Retreat in Rishikesh

Himalayan Yoga Meditation Retreat in Rishikesh
Himalayan Yoga Meditation Retreat in Rishikesh


India, the birth land of spiritual enlightenment where Lord Parshuram versed the yogic teachings to the globe. Rishikesh, the global Yoga capital is the abode of Shiva and one of the holiest towns. Cruise to the sensational splendor of the Himalayas to explore the life’s essence on the planet. Forge ahead towards the reunion of the mind, body, and soul with Himalayan Yoga Meditation Retreat in India. By the magnificent serenity of the Ganges, indulge in Yoga and Meditation under the shadow of Shwaasa Guru’s erudition.

About the Program:

The Himalayan Retreat aspires to completely cleanse the mental, physical, and spiritual hindrances in the body along with helping you sink into the salubrity of the Himalayas. Here are the core highlights of the rejuvenating retreat:

• Explore the depth of the traditional Yoga and unroll its limitless spiritual benefits by the sacred bank of the holy Ganges.
• On the majestic peak of the Himalayas, indulge in Meditation and go through the deepest layer of your soul.
• Remember the ultimate God by chanting the divine mantras. Participate in the spiritual discourse of Satsang to seek blessings from the creator.
• Explore ancient caves and temples hidden in the Himalayan richness and understand the meaning of those scriptures from the ancient era.
• Discover the spellbinding the Himalayan trails.
• Get illuminated by the teachings of Gautam Buddha during the visit to the ancient monasteries.

Food and Accommodation: Sprinkled with the healing power of Ayurvedic herbs, we serve meals that are extremely palatable and wholesome. The authentic vegetarian food offered to our guests is prepared by Ayurveda-specialized chefs. With high-quality sattvic food and well-facilitated dwelling, our intent is to provide a safe and comfortable stay. The rooms are equipped with all the modern basic amenities and offer a magnificent beauty of the rising Sun and the richness of lush Himalayan vegetation.

About Shwaasa: Shwaasa Yoga Center is a leader in Indian Yoga. Instituted by Sri Vachananda Ji, popularly known as Shwaasa Guru, the Yoga school is known for its authentic yogic teaching and the Yoga Ratna Awards on the eve of International Yoga Day every year. A number of Yoga events are organized by the Bangalore-headquartered Yogshala such as daily Yoga classes, Yoga therapy, Meditation retreat, etc.

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