Vinay Bajrangi – an Trustworthy Indian Vedic Astrologer

Vinay Bajrangi – an Trustworthy Indian Vedic Astrologer
Vinay Bajrangi – an Trustworthy Indian Vedic Astrologer
I, Vinay Bajrangi, an trustworthy Indian vedic astrologer who acts as a facilitator for helping you to achieve your ultimate goals and am dedicated to the cause till you get satisfied.

“Hey, I re-engineer your thought process and alter your karmas by playing with planets”.
How could you, bring about the best what is in you, how the tedious and treacherous road called life be tamed with what and when to be done. How would you unveil the complex karma theory that can really modify you as a person?
Meet me, your buddy astrologer Dr. Vinay Bajrangi.
I am an astrologer or more precisely a Vedic Astrologer practicing various branches of Indian astrology to precision.
Before I tell you straight what all I can do for you, I assure you that your life changes the very next moment you meet me and this is due to the fact that once you meet the karmic healer that is me, a positive aura starts engulfing you. You could ascertain this fact by visiting my facebook page that is and through various testimonials pinned at my website and other social sites.
I heal you. I make you get those, which are distant dreams for now. I make you realize what is impossible. I make you understand your true capabilities. This I accomplish which the diverse Astro- Knowledge I possess. By diverse I mean:
• I am a Brighu Specialist; which inheritably mean I am a pupil of the most ancient branch of astrology.
• I am a Parashari Specialist: This is the most reliable and widely applied form of Vedic astrology but people fail miserably when applying it to horoscopes.
• I am a KP astrology expert: Krishnamurthy Padyatti, it is new, reformed, and applied version of astrology.
• I am a Nadi Specialist: The most comprehensive south Indian way of reading a horoscope and giving snap shop predictions. There are around 33 types of Nadis of which 11 are in vogue. I mix and match the Nadi methods in my predictions.
I pride myself to be a
• Karma corrector: A facilitator to flush out the negative karma of this birth, glide you through the pending karmas of your previous births so that they no longer haunt you and create a stock of positive Karmas that takes care of the present balance life and the lives to come. One has to be a master to read and extract out the correct meaning of your life.
• Past Life Analyst: I have doctored myself in this technique.
• Perfect horoscope matcher: A few know the correct art of matching the horoscope. Almost all simply rely on just Gun matching points whereas the correct method starts after the usual Gun – matching. My thesis on Gun matching is well read and accepted by the astrological societies.
• Pre and post Marriage counselor: I read charts so as to prescribe the right methods through which the couple could be told to lead their lives. This helps is proper gelling. I am proud to say that I have by virtue of this capability salvaged many marriages. The apprehensive parents also see pre-marital counseling for themselves and for the prospective bride and grooms. It helps them immensely as the clouds of doubts settle.
• Subject Selection: I read which star permit what subject and which subject will be an eventual breadwinner for the native. This squarely means choosing the right subject which further helps in picking the right profession.
• Career path predictor: I can tell with authority what will suit you the most, a Job or a Business. All the possible inputs on Job or business can be worked out will precise accuracy.
• A name corrector: I can change your name, or select a name for your business which has the right sounding sound to incite the divine blessings. It is a must for hitting the roof.
• A birth time synchronizer: A flawed birth time give rise to imperfect birth chart. I rectify birth time with authority.
• Bhagya Samhita Creator: I create Bhagya Samhita for an interested individual which foretells the events for the next ten years which the Upaays or rituals to be followed.
• A Vastuvid : I am a Vastu specialist, with mastery in rectifying Vastu defects for homes, offices, factories etc.
After being in the profession for the last 20 years and in the process acquiring the astrological knowledge through various top-rated institutions and Ashrams with seeing around a Lakh of horoscopes, I am a complete astrological institution, that anybody can want.

Vinay Bajrangi
BAJRANGI DHAM, M-22, Sector-66, Noida, Uttar Pradesh-201301

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