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With ever growing cyber threats in the technology era, we need to distinguish between good and bad exposure that our child gets in using it. Lr’n’Play app blocker was precisely developed to address this issue. App blocker helps the parent to manage, monitor and ensure your child is safe online from online predators and dangers even as you ensure that your child makes optimum use of technology without becoming a slave to it.

Unlike many others, Lr’n’Play app blocker is not just to control or stop your child from using the device, but to encourage them to use it responsibly. With our App blocker, you can give limited or selective access to apps and encourage them to use it productively. Lr ‘n’ play not only enables you to choose the apps which you want your child to use but also empowers you to restrict the time spent on them. Fun tasks and self- management tasks, home works, practice worksheets and more are designed to keep your child engaged and motivated. The icing on the cake is a journey towards imbibing critical values of life such as patience, diligence and a heightened sense of responsibility. In a nutshell… Lr’n’play mobile app is just not a parental control app but it is your new parenting partner!