Hydraulic Clutch

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ARC Levers – Unbreakable Folding Levers, RC8, Brake Lever & Clutch Perch
1426 E. Borchard
Santa Ana,CA 92705
Founded in 1999, ARC Levers is a company that manufactures a range of accessories for motorcycles. Its products include clutch perch and levers, hand guards, hot starts and rebuild kits. The company also offers online shopping options. ARC Levers provides brake levers for various brands including Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki and Honda.

ARC Levers was started as a need to reposition a lever to fit a riders hand size. When making the first prototypes we realized that they could rotate out of the way in a crash preventing major damage. Since 1999 we have continually improved the existing products and have added new products that meet the industries’ brutal requirements. We have gained valuable knowledge working with many factory teams and riders.

We now make everything in the United States except our forged blades. With the struggling world economy it is common to outsource your products to cut costs. We are dedicated to American made products that keep jobs here and maintain the highest level of quality. A few years ago we were tempted by the “big deal” and they moved production offshore. It has been quite an endeavor to get all of our stuff back and bring production back here with the trying times we all have seen over the past handful of years. Now that production is up to speed we are ready to supply you with the best gear that will also keep America strong.

The gear available today is a result of extensive testing and development. This allows the average rider to have factory level parts at a reasonable price.