Natural Air Ventilator

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Turbo Ventilators utilizes wind energy to create airflow by centrifugal action. A centrifugal force is created by rotating fines which in turn creates a low pressure zone which than draws in fresh air from outside and throws out hot & polluted air from inside the shed . Such a continuous cycle creates air ventilation.

1. HAO ventilators are made from Polypropylene and Stainless Steel.
2. Stainless Steel being harder material as compared to Aluminium makes HAO ventilators strong, sturdy and durable.
3. HAO ventilators are lighter in weight as compared to any other ventilator, though SS has higher density than Aluminium. This is because of less numbers of blades, and unique design of blades increases its overall performance.
4. HAO Ventilators Top Fan Vanes are bi-fold which stops rain water to enter as well helps in increasing the centrifugal force which leads to higher CFM.
5. There are only 24 vanes compared to traditional Aluminium Ventilator having 36 to 48 vanes. In fact less number of Vanes allows more air to go out making natural ventilation faster.
6. Rivet and top plates of the HAO ventilators are of same a material which makes the ventilator more durable because if we use the 2 different metals then the melting points of both the metals will be different and over a period these rivets or screws will be loose and life of ventilator will reduce.
7. Maximum materials used in the HAO ventilators are rust and corrosion free.
8. HAO Ventilators runs on ball bearing System and not Pivot (Bush) system making it more smooth, speedy, noise free and long lasting.
9. IIT Bombay certified the performance of the 22” HAO ventilator is even better than the performance of other ventilators of 24”.
10. HAO Turbo ventilators are available with SS middle and SS base.
11. HAO Ventilators Withstand High temperature and excellent ventilation capacity.