Oxygen healing

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Hyperbaric chamber Dallas
3090 Laura Lane
McKinney, TX 75070, US
Health Spring Hyperbarics is a health clinic in McKinney, Texas, specializing in hyperbarics and oxygen therapy, Autism, Oxygen Healing, TBI, Anti-Aging and Fibromyalgia

We provide a noninvasive way to heal your body without drugs or surgery. We help you Repair, Refresh & Renew your body using all natural oxygen. We flood your body with nourishing oxygen and it jump-starts the healing and restorative process at the cellular level. Oxygen is healing without drugs or invasive techniques. It is the single most necessary element our body needs to survive and operate at peak efficiency. Our bodies process three things: food, liquid, and oxygen. And while we might enjoy the food and the liquid more, it’s the oxygen that actually provides the fuel that runs our body. Oxygen, through a process called oxidation, chemically changes food and liquid into energy. It is this “cell respiration” that contracts our muscles, repairs our cells, feeds our brains, and even calms our nerves. Not only that, but breathing is our body’s chief cleansing tool. Call to set an appointment: 800-832-0631

Health Spring Hyperbarics