Privacy Policy staff abides the following rules:

Policy Guidelines: Staff at doesn’t stand spam or any type of unsolicited mails. We honor privacy and safety of all the members. Any complaints or issues are going to be dealt with utmost care and matters will be investigated professionally. In any case, if any of the members found not abiding by the policy guideline; he/she will be removed from the organization permanently.

Safe Custody of information

Any type of information collected by will be confidential and will not be sold, re-used, re-purposed, bartered or else disclosed.

Information about the browser collects information regarding website traffic logs and monitors them to offer best possible services to their customers. We use basic IP tracking system and don’t try to identify which IP address belongs to which member.

Use of Cookies does not use cookies.


Any external links to websites not owned by are not subjected to these guidelines of privacy. is not responsible for any data collected outside itself.


Newsletters will be delivered to every member of and every member is given an option to unsubscribe the newsletter. The members can turn off the newsletter through their login accounts. Additionally, we offer an unsubscribe button to stop the newsletters.

Change in the policy

Member will be notified through newsletter if any changes are being made t this existing privacy policy.

Contacting Us

Please us the contact us link in case if you want to connect with us.