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Callfor.co.in Terms of Use

You agree to be bound by the Callfor.co.in Privacy Policy and the terms mentioned below by utilising Callfor.co.in search engine through submitting your websites for inclusion in the Callfor.co.in search engine or by creating an account in the Callfor.co.in.

Acceptance of Terms of Use & Amendments

Accessing Callfor.co.in anytime tantamount to agreeing with the terms & conditions. Person accessing Callfor.co.in is individually responsible for conforming to all applicable laws in every kind of actions related to Callfor.co.in irrespective of the purpose of using it. Any laxity will result in immediate removal of all listings and associated account(s).

Service of Callfor.co.in

The services offered by Callfor.co.in are offered on AS IS basis. All the websites available through Callfor.co.in have been empanelled by the visitors of Callfor.co.in. The owners or operators of Callfor.co.in reserves the right to discontinue or modify the search engine or any of its services, without prior notification, or delete the data provided temporarily or permanently. We, in any capacity, cannot be held responsible for the timelines, failure to store or delete inaccurate or improper delivery of data or information.

Information about Registration & Password

All the users, individuals or corporates, are liable to manage the confidentiality of their passwords and shall be responsible for any & every action conducted through their accounts or logins, whether authorized or unauthorized by you. You are responsible to immediately inform us regarding any unauthorized access to your accounts or logins.

Your Conduct

You straight forwardly agree that by using Callfor.co.in services, you shall not:

  • Endow any content or information that is abusive, defamatory, harmful, harassing, illegal, libellous, objectionable, obscene, offensive, threatening, unlawful, created to interfere or to interrupt our services offered or make any of the services inoperable, creates civil or criminal liability, or violate any local, national or international law/s, statute or ordinance or any type of regulations including but not restricted to copyright, trademark/s, trade secrets or patents.
  • Imitate or misrepresent Callfor.co.in to any person or organization/ institution/ agency or forge or else seek to hide or distort the services or data or information or motives of Callfor.co.in.
  • gather or sift any type of data available in our search results or about any member.
  • Access Callfor.co.in website through any automated medium or invisible means that is not just limited to bots and refer spoofing through unknown codes or frames.
  • Endow or utilize the information offered by Callfor.co.in or any of its services in an individual or for any commercial way trail mails or junk mails, spams or any other kinds of schemes or other types of unauthorized advertisements without explicit written approval.

Breach/ Violation of Laws

Callfor.co.in is fully responsible to respond appropriately to any infringement notices and undertake suitable actions under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) and/ or any other intellectual copyright acts.

If any of your content/ data or any other kind of copyrighted material has been uploaded on Callfor.co.in or any weblink to your copyrighted data/ information are returned through Callfor.co.in search engine which you would not like to, than we just need to raise a tick to review or eliminate the content.

Callfor.co.in takes every tick/ query very seriously and genuinely for every type of concerns.

Callfor.co.in requests all to spare 1-2 working days to review or remove any copyrighted content for which the concerned party hadn’t given their approval.

Prohibited Content

Callfor.co.in prohibits the following type of contents in the websites:

  • Websites that display (1) steroids, narcotics, any substances that are controlled or products that poses risk to consumers, (2) drug equipment, (3) websites that promote, engage viewers, facilitate or instruct to involve in any kind of illegal activities, (4) goods acquired illegally, (5) website content that encourage hate, violence, racial discrimination or financial exploitation of a crime, (6) websites containing or displaying obscene content or violating any kind of copyright, trademark, publicity rights, privacy or proprietary rights established under any laws of jurisdiction, (7) ammunition or firearms or any firearm accessories, (8) certain kind of weapons or knives that are regulated under applicable laws.
  • Websites that display (1) personal information not advised to be displayed about third parties which violates the privacy of them under any applicable laws, (2) support any type of schemes or ‘get rich quick’ or any kind of multi-level marketing, (3) association with annuities or any kind of lottery contracts or any transactions to finance or re-finance the debt funds by a credit card, (4) related to sale of traveller’s cheque or money order, (5) deals with currency exchanges, (6) information regarding credit repair or debt settlement services or any insurance activities, (7) involvement in certain activities marked by respective government having high likelihood of being fraudulent, (8) violates the regulations of the respective industries regarding sale of – tobacco products or prescription drugs and devices.
  • Websites that deals in gambling or gaming that involves certain types of fees and a prize which includes and no limited to casino games, betting or horse of greyhound racing or lottery tickets or other undertakings that encourages gambling.